Creating Your Online Profile

Get Results Fast With These Optimisation Tips

The profile of yourself is effectively your sales pitch to potential suitors so take the time to perfect yours. Before you begin perhaps consider how to wish to play the dating game as there are two options.

Although it takes much less time to start with option two, the more time you spend, the more positive outcomes from your efforts will be forthcoming. It should only take 30 minutes to enter your details but will be an investment that could repay itself immediately.

Two love birds

Your Profile Picture Creates the Right Impression

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this is certainly true online. Your potential partners want to connect with you before hearing your voice. A realistic likeness is essential to play it safe. Ensure you're smiling to portray trust and is of high quality. Blurred pictures will get discounted, and potential connections lost. The picture should be recent rather than one of you 20 years ago.

If you're being secretive about being online, then you could slightly blur your photograph to avoid potential embarrassments.

Add Even More to Project Your Image

Most sites allow you to add additional photographs of yourself. The enhanced exposure is a great idea, but be careful what you add. Stick to scenes where you're alone and not on the beach without your clothes. Find somewhere neutral where you can depict a relaxing atmosphere.

A local park, a National Trust property or your home are all potential places. Avoid having any personal effects or information in the photograph that could expose your personal details.

Your Name

Avoid using your full real name online as fraudster could use this information. Select a username that includes your first name together with numbers, for example, Sonia8832. Never provide your surname until you have met the person in real life and then only if you're comfortable.

Your Likes, Dislikes, and Interests

Your interests help others select your profile when searching through the huge database of candidates. Be honest in this area because your new partner may want you to go dancing if you highlight that. List your real hobbies that you participate in and avoid classic boring pastimes like "watching television" or "drinking down the pub". This area shows you have a life outside of work, and you're an interesting individual to meet.

Your Personal Summary

If you profile picture looks appealing after sending out contact requests, your potential suitors will check your "about me" page.

The summary is your sales pitch in order for someone to return your request. Make it light, and fun, perhaps describing some of the amusing situations you have encountered during your life. Perhaps show what makes you laugh and why someone should pick you.

Don't put anything political or too serious to push people away. The sole purpose of your summary is to entice someone to connect with you. Once someone contacts you, then you can perform the rest of your repertoire to continue the relationship.

What Should You Avoid?

Any personal information should not be on public display. The types of data to keep private includes bank details, telephone numbers, your home or office address or your car registration number.

Your profile showcase should be fairly anonymous in the first instance. You can provide more details about yourself once you have met someone you like.

Playing Safely

There are pitfalls in being anonymous online behind a computer screen meaning you can't be sure of the identity of the person at the other end of the communications channel. Above all, never send money to anyone in any circumstances.

There are people who operate various scams online that you read about in the newspapers. Some scams take many months to develop. If someone asks you for money, they're usually a con artist and not the person in the picture online. No matter what the excuse, please avoid sending money. Some common traps set are as follows:

The list goes on and on so just beware of your surroundings.