Are You Single and Looking for a New Relationship?

Here's our best picks for 2015

We have chosen the following due to their commitment to working and finding you a new partner. There are two distinct paid subscription models available to you. The first where you search for matches and secondly where a computer program does the work. There are also 100% completely free services.

Although millions of people have signed up for memberships, only a small percentage have active subscriptions. We recommend joining more than one site to extract the most from these services.

Paid Sites - General Searching

The following all have a free sign-up, and you're allowed to search their database and match your personal criteria. These we feel are the best options for the majority of people. They're usually split 50/50 between male and female members. is the original big site with a specific UK member base. Match claim over three million members, but perhaps only a few hundred thousand of those are active. However, it still provides plenty of scope to find someone in your local area.

There are many promotions during the year and you can always use all features for three days before paying.

The site has many positive reviews from community members, and there are claims that they create many marriages each year. Alexa global popularity rank: 347 | Daily Time on Site: 9.07 minutes | Load Speed: 1.419 Seconds.

Visit here

Be2Be2 specialise in the over 30s market which is great for those of us that are looking for more commitment. They offer a three-day trial for just a fiver to get used to what's on the site and the many features available.

Be2 is a trusted brand but don't forget to cancel your subscription before the trial ends if you wish to leave. The site has a good mix of members from around the UK and is a nice and easy website to use. Look out for the special promotions offered during the year. Rank: 83,546 | Time: 2.53m | Speed: 1.347s.

Visit the Be2 website here

Girls Date for FreeThe Girls Date for Free model is unique for all of the online dating services. All female members get to join and use the features completely free of charge throughout their membership. Guys pay standard member fees. The set-up is great news for guys and girls.

The guys get a huge pool of women to meet, and the females don't pay a penny.

This arrangement doesn't skew the dynamics of the site either as there's still a 50/50 split amongst members. This site is highly trusted amongst UK visitors and has many positive reviews. Rank: 18,791 | Time: 6.24m | Speed: 2.947s.

Visit Girls Date for Free here

Cupid.comCupid is a sister site of GDFF mentioned below run by the same company. The principles are the same, and you enjoy the same great benefits. Their membership base is growing fast with several million members.

You may see similar profiles from other websites, and this provides more choice from the combined databases. Cupid has an easy to use interface, some excellent advanced features, and a low monthly cost. The design makes this site a delight to be online with fellow singles. Rank: 6,400 | Time: 3.15m | Speed: 3.642s.

Visit cupid here

Dating DirectThis is one of the very first online websites to be developed way before others had the same ideas. As they have had time and years of feedback, some of their features developed are not available on other sites, such as video chat. Being able to meet face to face online via video could help break the ice before you make a formal connection.

We only receive positive reviews, and our personal experience backs this up. There are guides and tips to help you receive more responses from the profile you create. Rank: 84,796 | Time: 5.13m | Speed: 1.308s.

Visit Dating Direct here

MySingleFriendAnother unique marketing message has been dreamt up by Sarah Beeny from the TV property programmes. She thought that most people would not be able to create a winning profile so why not get your friends to nominate you?

This unique perspective has worked well, and it's a very popular and trusted site.

MySingleFriend receives rave reviews, and some of our family members have found potential partners through this site.

Visit MySingleFriend here

FriendsReunitedIn the UK Friends Reunited was the original social networking site that pulled together old school friends. They spun this off into Genes Reunited as well as this highly popular dating website. It's another highly trusted venture that helps members find the right relationships.

Excellent customer service sets this site apart as well as many unique features. This site is certainly worth a visit, and even if you don't join yet, it's worth creating a profile and seeing who is online.

Visit FriendsReunitedDating here

Paid Compatibility Matching Services

Profile compatibility matching services are a different business model from the above business models. You can't simply go and create a profile and start a database search. You first need to answer a few hundred questions about your personal lifestyle, likes, and dislikes. A computer program then takes this information and matches other like-minded people on your behalf. This process creates more accuracy and saves you time searching, but the results are sometimes very limited.

Parship DatingThis site is not well-known in the UK but is quickly developing a presence for matching success. Their personality questionnaire only takes around 15 minutes to complete which is faster than some others. There is also plenty of advice on the site, and you can discuss your concerns directly with the excellent customer support team.

Although you can't make a direct search, you can update your partner profiling from time to time that may change your results for the better. Parship is a lovely site that we recommend visiting.

Visit Parship here

eHarmonyProbably the first site to take the questionnaire route and integrate it into their profiling system is eHarmony. The concept here is great but when we tried it, after 30 minutes of answer mundane questions the system came back and said it couldn't find any matches. We gave up at this point, but many thousands like it so we've kept it here.

eHarmony has extensive online and television campaigns during peak seasons. This promotional activity creates hundreds of additional members each day. They also have "free weekends" throughout the year where you can use all paid features from Friday to Sunday during the promotional period.

Visit eHarmony here

Completely Free Websites

Here you don't pay anything to join or anything to view your results. The main advantage of these sites is there are no charges. The main disadvantages are that your results will return thousands of people, and they might not have the same commitment as those in the paid sector.

Plenty Of FishMarkus Frind changed the model of worldwide dating when he created Plentyoffish. Before POF came along, all sites were paid but he created POF and funded it by advertising. Now it's still free with paid options for more advanced features. There's even a 100% paid version of the site!

There are advertising and promotions here, much like the Facebook model, and if you don't mind that then fine. Because of its sheer size you'll get hundreds if not thousands of matches but it might be a good place to start if this is your first experience.

Visit PlentyOfFish here

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