Meeting Someone for the First Time

It's Time to Get Serious, but be Careful

Even when we were in school, the thought of meeting your new girlfriend or boyfriend for the second date had butterflies in your stomach. But what about meeting someone for the first time you have only talked to on the telephone? Here's our essential guide to ensure that first meeting goes to plan.

Meet in a Public Place... Promptly

A watch showing the time

Perhaps the golden rule is firstly to meet in a very public place rather than in a private residence. This safety first but fairly obvious number one rule ensures you can behave to each other like a normal couple. Just ensure you turn up at the time you agreed to so you can start your day or evening event without any negativity.

The hardest part of meeting inside a venue is that everyone else around you appears to know you're on a first date. Classic giveaways such as "Are you Tom?" could lead to embarrassment. So why not say you'll meet in the doorway of a pub or the car park (so long as it's still daylight and has reasonable footfall)?

Tell Others Where You're Going

You should always tell someone you can trust where you're going, why you're meeting someone and the time that you should be home. Communicating these details ensures someone knows where you're at all times.

Have Someone Call You at a Specific Time

You should get someone to call you around 40 minutes after you're due to meet your date. This call is for two important reasons. Firstly they can check that everything is going to plan, and there are no issues with who you're meeting. Secondly, if you want an excuse to leave, then you can say you need to catch an urgent appointment.

Whoever you ask to telephone you arrange beforehand that if you say everything is fine that they call you again after another 40 minutes or so for the same reasons as above.

What Can You Talk About?

You would already know the other person's personal history from either their profile, chatting online or on the telephone so you should have plenty to discuss. However, it can always be difficult especially if you don't know how it's going to develop, if you're a little shy or just had a bad hair day!

So plan in your mind what you could discuss and keep it light hearted. Women like you to listen to them, so if you're a guy, you may not have to say too much! Here's a list of some topics that you could talk about:

On a first date, it's best not to discuss previous relationships even if you're still best friends. Other areas to avoid are money, politics and starting a family. Remember this is the first time of meeting so play it cool and see how it progresses. There's plenty of time to get into discussions that are deeper than normal.

Should You Take it Further?

On your first date, it should just be a meeting between two people, and that's it. We recommend not going back to someone's home for any reasons and keep it friendly for the first few meetings. If you want to take your relationship further then do so after a period of time when you feel comfortable.