How to Date Successfully Online

Internet-based relationship services are easy to use and could result in finding your perfect match. Once you've found the right one, you're ready for your adventure.

Find a Partner in 3 Easy Steps

1: Choose a Site - It sounds obvious, but first off you should determine which is best for your circumstances. We recommend for most people or Be2 for those over 30 years of age. Both allow you to join for free and taste all features without payment. To join a site, you enter a username and email address you need to confirm. Once done you're into their systems to begin the process.

Your loving profile2: Create a Profile - You'll need to create a personal profile of yourself listing your interests and requirements. Your profile should entice others to contact you and ensures your details get displayed when others are searching for people like you. You can find more information on creating the perfect profile here.

3: Undertake a Search - Although most sites work in a similar manner the searching facilities span from the simple to the advanced. Basic results may provide hundreds of matches, so it's worth spending time honing criteria such as location or age groups to be more specific.

Once you've seen the selection of people from your results, you can decide on whether to upgrade your membership. Upgrading allows you to take advantage of all features including communication functions.

First off check for special offers that may be available. Normally if you don't upgrade immediately, you'll be sent some special offers via email. It may pay to wait a few days to see what arrives.

Most subscription rates are affordable and start from £15 per month for the most expensive. The chart below shows the current membership fees and rates for the popular sites.

Membership fees and rates

Why Should You Upgrade?

Be my valentineNone of the paid sites let you contact any matches or communicate with people who have contacted you without payment. Unless you've opted for one of the free trial promotional periods, you'll need to upgrade.

Communication is key with dating because you'll want to get to know someone before meeting them. Check out the "beware" guide below before you decide to become a paid member.

Usually, most people are honest online and want to begin a relationship. Starting your subscription could be the best thing you've ever done. The sites we recommend are the safest, most trustworthy and are more likely to get you a relationship you actually want.

Things to Beware of

Some websites will initially send you fake contacts to pique your interest. Beware of what may seem to be wonderful people to behold. If you receive a contact when you haven't even uploaded a photograph or within minutes of joining then simply ignore them.

There could be people wanting to extract money from you so take things at face value. If someone begins with suggestive actions or thinks you're wonderful from a few messages, then ignore them.

Cancellation of some sites can be a chore and almost impossible. Therefore, you should keep your subscription emails safe, so you know how to complete any cancellations.

Overall play safe at first until you're used to how everything works.