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Guide to Safe Dating

How it Works

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have placed in our comprehensive dating guide. Our FAQ provides answers and advice on the best methods to get the perfect relationships from people you don't know. If something isn't answered here please use our contact form.

I'm New to This, How Should I Start?

If you have never used a dating service before then welcome aboard. The great thing about doing everything from the safety of your computer is if you don't like someone you can simply ignore them (there are functions to do this on each and every site).

If you are shy or have difficulty striking up new relationships then chatting online is the easiest part of this exercise.

How Do They Work?

The concept is very simple and easy to follow. People like yourself sign up and create their account and a searching function matches potential partners together. It's up to you if you want to start any discussions. If so then you're still on your own.

There are plenty of "ice breakers" available to start conversions as well as help guides to set you on your way.

What are the Benefits?

We alluded to this above but overall the main benefits are as follows :

matching and relationship guide

Which is Best?

We always like because we never receive any complaints from members. They are a national and international brand and make it easy to use their services.

Of course you may have your own preferences or have a recommendation from a friend which is generally the best recommendation to use.

How Much do Your Services Cost?

The usage of our own website is completely free of charge.

How Much do the Dating Websites Charge?

You can sign up and join any of the websites we mention completely free of charge. See "how do they work" above for more information.

If you want to use the communication features then all offer one month, three months and six monthly subscription packages. The longer you commit for, the cheaper the monthly rates are.

Most will offer you a short term deal such as three days or five days for a much smaller fee.

Overall most will charge much less than £100 for six months.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

So how should you begin your venture? We show you a typical week of joining a dating website in the UK.

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Day One

Join any of the sites and confirm your email. You'll immediate be sent your login information. Click on the link and dive right in. Firstly you'll need to start to create a profile. Whilst you are doing that you may start to receive "winks" and requests because so many people are online.

Day Two

Your inbox will start to fill up with requests so go back into your account and check who is there. It's best to be proactive in the search and check those that are contacting you from their own profiles. Be aware that some people are not who they say they are. If you chat or text online be casual to begin with as you don't want to create a wrong first impression.

Day Three

It may be time to return some of the "winks" you receive and send messages to see who replies. If those replies are too friendly or suggestive you may have to move on. Once you have snared your favourite online messaging takes over. Ask for additional photographs if they are not on their profile pages and information about the person.

Call it a day after 20 minutes or so just like a regular date in the "real world" would.

Day Four

Check your email box for more invites and continue with the dates from day two and day three. If you want suggest texting on your mobile or video chat. Much like with some iphone or Facebook features these can be excellent to break the ice before a first meeting in public.

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It's Day Five

Wow, by now you would have several dates lined up perhaps. Certainly without moving from your home computer the whole world has opened up. If you haven't found someone yet how about a proactive search of your own? Go to the search features and look for people in your region. Then you can send messages and "winks" so they know you are looking at them.

Day Six

Have you been answered by anyone yet? What about the people contacting you in the first instance? Perhaps it's time to set up a real date. Just ensure it's in a public place.

The End of the First Week

It's day seven now and hopefully your first week online has found many new friends and perhaps the start of a new relationship? If not just continue the same into next week. The key ingredient is an excellent profile of yourself so take time developing that.